pots with basil in garden
November 10, 2017 Educational, News No Comments

If you’ve ever walked into Milberger’s Nursery and wondered why everyone is so happy, it’s called science! Gardening and horticulture jobs can make you happier and healthier. Gardening, in general, provides many benefits to your health so people in those respective jobs have an interest and passion for gardening and have lower levels of physical and mental health problems.

In the business of gardening, if you fail you can always try again. When gardening doesn’t always go our way, we simply try it again until it gets done and done right. The sense of accomplishment after fulfilling a goal gives you a sense of happiness unlike no other. And with that confidence boost, you can accomplish more things and with less negativity in your head.

At Milberger’s Nursery, we take pride at being nurturers of many things. Gardening teaches us the importance of proper care. When plants are new, they need more care and attention than the ones that are already thriving. The act of nurturing improves our ability to be responsible, to take leadership, and to transfer that good quality into our personal lives with our families and pets.

Another benefit of working as a gardener is the high level of physical activity. Exercise leads to high levels of happiness and the urge to continue to stay active. Physical activity stimulates physical and mental health benefits as we walk the nursery, help out our customers, and work with the plants.

Visit Milberger’s Nursery today and say hello to one of our happy employees. We’ll be glad to answer any of your questions.

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