About Milberger's Nursery and Landscape in San Antonio, Texas

Your landscape and garden beds can be a source of pride and beauty twelve months of the year here in South Texas… as long you select plants that thrive in our climate and use gardening techniques that optimize our tough soils.

Milberger’s is one of San Antonio’s favorite plant nurseries because of what we offer: year-round color for your garden beds, trees and shrubs for your landscape, turf grass and water features.  When you visit Milberger’s, you can expect fresh and healthy plant stock, along with the benefits of free gardening expertise.

  • Tree Lot – Check out our fruit trees freshly stocked and ready to plant.
  • Turf Grass & Sod – The largest selection of turf grass and sod in South Central Texas
  • Flower Beds – Freshly stocked seasonal color for your landscape. Xeriscapes, Raised Beds,
    Hardscaping and Growing Roses.
  • Water Gardens, Ponds, Falls, and Fountains: Fish, aquatic plants, and accessories.
  • Commercial Landscaping – Registered Landscape Architects available for project large and small.