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Leave Clippings and Leaves on Your Lawn

Blowing grass clippings and leaves into the street may be simpler and save time, but these materials can clog stormwater drains, harming rivers, streams and neighborhoods.

A sure sign…

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Milberger's "How To" Series


Kale and spinach grow well together in a combined winter garden because they share the same cultural requirements. The plants grow quickly, with both greens usually ready for the first harvest within…

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San Antonio Water System

Stage 2 Watering Rules

Stage 2 restrictions begin when the 10-day rolling average of the Edwards Aquifer level reaches 650 feet mean sea level at the monitored well. Coming out of drought stages can be considered…

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Milberger's "How To" Series

HOW TO Plant Fall Tomatoes in August

It’s hot, we know. But now is the time to plant your fall tomatoes using transplants in one-gallon containers. Use the recommended varieties such as HM 8849, HM 1823, BHN 968, Ruby…

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Summer Tree Watering

Native and established trees generally don’t need supplemental water. But during prolonged drought, occasional watering may be helpful — but only if it’s done correctly.

Established trees — those…

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Unrelenting Ironweed

The summer heat is brutal to ordinary blooming plants. But there are ironclad options that’ll show the scorch who’s boss — and add the color your landscape craves.


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Water Only the Areas That Need It

Before you turn up your sprinkler system — and double your water bill — consider what areas of your landscape truly need water.

The first days of full scorch are here. Scorching sun in cloudless…

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Drought Is No Match for a WaterSaver Garden

Using the right plants in the right place of your landscape means less worrying about watering and yardwork during the hottest days of the year.

Flash back to summer…

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Milberger's "How To" Series


Flowering plants are usually at their peak of production during your summer vacation period and require some attention before you leave.

Move both…

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Dramatic Tiered Xeriscape

The Zen of Xeriscape

Dreaming of a lounge-worthy, low maintenance landscape? A xeriscape may be the answer. Just keep these seven principles in mind.

Coined in 1981 by Denver Water, xeriscape (xeris is…

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