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Milberger's "How To" Series

The sunflower is an impressive summer bloomer with big flowers consisting of golden yellow, creamy white or reddish petals that radiate from a dark brown center. By the end of the blooming…

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The Right Way To Lay Sod

Most of our programs are designed to minimize or eliminate grass in your landscape. But if you absolutely must, plan on plenty of preparation and patience.

Laying sod is…

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Earth Day Landscape Dreams

An eco-friendly landscape is more than just a tidy yard with minimal bare spots. It’s enticing to wildlife and thrifty with water.
Picturesque and inviting, I can’t help but stop by a landscape proclaimed “Yard…

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Stage 2 Watering Rules Are Upon Us

For those new to our city — and for residents who may have forgotten — we’ve compiled answers to a few frequently asked questions about Stage 2 watering rules.