These are the rose varieties that Milberger’s stocks on a regular basis. Because we may sell out, or specific stock may be unavailable not all varieties are available all of the time.


Old garden roses that preceded modern varieties. An incredibly diverse group of plants, with great variety in plant habit (the size and shape), flower form, and fragrance.

Archduke Charles

(prior to 1837) China. Fragrant blooms with crimson outer petals and pale pink centers, darken to solid crimson. Upright habit 3ft to 5ft.


(1937) Hybrid Musk. Clusters of small pink, single petalled blooms on arching branches. Ever-blooming, has all hips. 5ft x 6ft shrub or 6ft to 10ft climber.

Caldwell Pink

Ever blooming “poyantha type” rose. Clusters of lavender pink blooms on a compact bush. Good for landscape or containers. Grows 3ft to 4ft.

Cecile Brunner

The “Sweetheart Rose.” (1881) Polyantha. Small pink, fragrant blooms from mid-spring to frost. Lightly scented, long lived and healthy. 3ft to 4ft.

Caption: “Carefree Beauty,” introduced in 1977 by Griffith Buck, reappeared as a found rose, “Katy Road Pink,” in the 1980s. credit: Molly Glentzer

Katy Road Pink

(found rose) Fragrant, vivid pink blooms produced season long on easy-to-grow plant stock. Good insect and disease resistance. 3ft to 5ft.

Kirsten Poulsen

(1924) Vivid reddish pink single flowers on an erect bush with dark green foliage. Use as low hedge or single specimen. 3ft to 5ft.

La Marne

(1915) Pink/white fragrant blooms. Perfect for hedges. Prefers open sunny areas. 4ft to 6ft.

Marchesa Bocella

(1842) Hybrid Perpetual. Fragrant blooms of delicate pink. 3ft to 5ft.

Maria Pavie

(1888) Polyantha. Pale pink buds with fragrant white blooms. Outstanding landscape plant that can be used for containers, borders or specimens.

Martha Gonzales

(1984) Scarlet single blooms and reddish foliage on a bushy shrub. Great for massing in the landscape. 2ft to 3ft.

Mrs. Dudley Cross

(1907) Tea Rose. Pale yellow flowers often blushed pink. Stems almost thorn-less and healthy foliage. Fragrant, ever-blooming. 3ft to 6ft.


Large, high-centered flowers borne atop strong thorny stems . . . the traditional long stem rose.

Barbra Streisand Let Freedom Ring Proud Land
Blue Girl Marilyn Monroe Radiant Perfume
Brandy Memorial Day Red Masterpiece
Chicago Peace Miidas Touch Rio Samba
Christian Dior Miss All American Beauty Royal Highness
Chrysler Imperial Neil Diamond Secret
Double Delight Mister Lincoln Sedona
Elizabeth Taylor  Moonstone Smokin’ Hot
Firefighter Neptune  St. Patrick
First Prize New Day  Sweet Surrender
Fragrant Cloud Oklahoma  Tropicana
Heirloom Peace  Touch of Class
Henry Fonda Perfume Delight  White Magic
In The Mood Pink Peace Veterans’ Honor
John F. Kennedy Pope John Paul II
Just Joey Pretty Lady Rose


Fall between the hybrid tea and the floribunda. Large flowers borne in clusters rather than a single stem.

About Face Love Strike It Rich
Anna’s Promise Miss Congeniality Twilight Zone
Fragrant Plum Queen Elizabeth
Gold Medal Scarlet Knight


FloribundasMedium sized compact rose plant with medium sized flowers and mostly borne in clusters.

Angel Face Iceberg Sexy Rexy
Betty Boop Intrigue Show Biz
Cinco De Mayo Julia Child  Sunflare
Distant Drums Jump For Joy  Sunsprite
Doris Day Livin’ Easy Take It Easy
Easy Does It Love Song Trumpeter
Ebb Tide Oh My
George Burns Purple Tiger


May be trained to grow on a variety of forms to achieve a special function or unique look.

Above All Don Juan Purple Splash
All Ablaze Joseph’s Coat Queen Elizabeth
America Peace
Blaze Pinta


Mini Red RosesGrow to 24 or 30 inches.

All A’Twiiter Lemon Drop Top Of The World
Cutie Pie Rainbows End Winsome
Diamond Eyes Ruby Ruby  You’re the One
Gourmet Popcorn Tiddly Winks


Free blooming plants with differing flower sizes and forms.

Belinda’s Dream Midnight Blue Yabba Dabba Doo
Bull’s Eye Outta The Blue
Home Run Pink Home Run
Knockout Watercolors Home Run


Rainbow Happy Trails Red Ribbons Sunshine Happy Trails