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Feel Those Fall Garden Vibes

Spice up your autumn garden with warm hues, berry-bursting blooms and fragrant foliage. It’s the coziest backdrop…

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It Pays To Replace Your Lawn with Native Plants

In Bexar County, water is the hot commodity. With our growing population, how…

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Landscape To-Do List for October

Stay wicked busy this month in your fall garden. From harvesting to planting to tidying up, there’s…

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Sun vs. Shade: The Right Plant for the Right Spot

At the nursery, plants always look pretty in the pot. But will they…

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It’s Almost Here

Milberegr’s Famous Pumpkin Patch and Monster Maze. The pumpkins are in and the corn stocks are being…

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A Watering Plan as Unique as You Are

Every landscape has its own quirks and charms. So ditch the one-size-fits-all advice and find out how…

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Ways To Water Well

While there are several watering methods you can use, some are more effective than others. Here’s a…

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Gardening in August? Without a Doubt

If you’re an early riser, there are a few odds and ends you can tackle in your…

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Texas Xeriscape

The Zen of Xeriscape

A xeriscape is not rocks, decomposed granite, cactus, agaves, or rain barrels, although these could all be…

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Snipping Roses

Cutback Now to Ensure Fall Blooms

Blooms may last longer in climates that are cooler than ours, but cooler climates do not have…

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