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What is Blooming Now

The Texas mountain laurel is among the most noticeable plant that is blooming now. It is noticeable…

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The agarita is in bloom

Hiking along a high oak rimmed bluff on a cool, crisp February morning, I caught scent of something…

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Old-Fashioned and Tough Modern Roses

Roses are the overall favorite flower of gardeners and non-gardeners. The blooms are beautiful. Have you ever thought…

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February Gardening Tasks

  • It is still a good time to plant the recommended shade trees. They will shade the house and…
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Splash Some Life into Your Sleepy Winter Landscape

While seed and suet do a fine job of attracting birds to your landscape, fresh, sparkling H2O will…

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Meyers Lemons

Your landscape is longing for a little lemon love. Pucker up — the Meyer lemon tree is a…

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January Gardening Tips

Some things that you can do now to take advantage of South Texas’ early spring weather.