September 14, 2016 Gardening Tips No Comments

Fall is quickly approaching, even for those of us in South Texas. While the cooler weather normally means the death of some flowers, many more can stand up to the punch of fall weather. Here’s a handy guide to some fall-blooming flowers.

The Fall Aster lives up to its name by livening up gardens with beautiful purple blooms. The Mexican Mint Marigold acts as both a pleasing herb and lovely flower with its leaves providing a faint licorice flavor to any dish and petite yellow blossoms to dot any garden or landscape. The Copper Canyon Daisy is a piney-smelling plant with lovely yellow buds that can survive in low-water conditions.

Salvia Greggii or Autumn Sage will attract hummingbirds to your garden and stands up just fine to being planted along fences or the sides of buildings. Fire Spike, for deeply shaded areas, has beautiful dark green foliage with vibrant red tubular flowers that really peak in the fall. Mexican Bush Sage can stand up to low-water conditions and will still delight gardeners with light purple blooms.

Annuals that love our mild fall temperatures and will last well into winter or beyond include petunias, dianthus, snapdragons, and calendulas.

These fall flowers are here to add a burst of color to your home’s garden. In addition to your normal gardening routine, keep in mind that cooling temperatures don’t always mean a break in water restrictions and some areas may still have tights watering restrictions in place. Keep your garden well watered within restriction. Give plants that love sun the proper sunlight and keep shade plants in the shade. Stop by Milberger’s Nursery if you’re ready to embrace the beauty of fall flowers.

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