August 18, 2016 Gardening Tips No Comments

The end of summer doesn’t mean that your gardening work is over. With the plants taken care of and watering arrangements compliant with city code, now is a good time to look at the tools that keep your garden green. Taking inventory is a good place to start before the organization work can begin. See what tools you use most often: do any of them need to be replaced? Do any of them need to be cleaned? Is anything missing? If so, Milberger’s offers gardening tools and much more to ensure you have everything need.

Once you’ve replaced any missing or needed items, think about the best way to arrange and organize them in your shed or garage. Pegboards are a great way to keep gardening instruments off the ground and away from possible rust or damage. Many gardening tools can be easily held up with wire or brackets. Installing a pegboard is a minimally invasive way to keep gardening tools off the ground and out of the way without damaging walls or other supporting structures. Keep gardening tools for the kids in special barrels or boxes closer to the ground and color-code them to prevent confusion or arguments between siblings. Large items are relatively easy to store: the tricky ones are the smaller items. Bags of soil, mulch, or other large bags should be lifted off the ground. A cheap end table can keep them off the ground and remove them as a possible hiding spot for pests. Gloves and aprons can also be attached via hooks to the pegboard keeping the larger gardening items organized. Hooks can also keep gardening hoses or watering cans up and out of the way. Stash pots, planters and vases in rows neatly and the rest of the space in your shed or garage can be used to store larger items, like lawnmowers and wheelbarrows. Packets of seeds can easily be filed away in recipe card boxes and labeled for their next planting. Finally, to keep your storage and workspace clutter-free, dedicate a small bookshelf to neatly stack your gardening books and other papers and resource materials.

The downtime in between seasons can be a great time to help organize out your garden’s shed or garage. Organizing your garden shed now will make planting easier and more fun later, and with a little amount of time and effort, a splendidly organized garden shed can be yours.

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