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Fall is the Best Time for Planting

Growing plants in the fall has its advantages for both the garden and gardener. With wet and cooler weather on the horizon, your garden will blossom and it will be easier on new plants….

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Rain Barrels for $40

Brand New and Fully Outfitted. 50 gallon Capacity.

Limited Time Offer. A new SAWS Coupon Program.

Apply for your coupon before Friday, Dec 9, 2016

Only 6,000 barrels available. So Don’t wait to order yours.

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metal pumpkin at the nursery

Milberger’s Halloween Weekend Spook-tacular

Is this weekend. Oct 29 and 30th.
Bring your kids for a fun filled weekend of free Halloween events at Milberger’s Nursery.


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fall pruning

Your October Gardening Checklist

Your garden and plants need constant attention, even in the cooler months. Here’s what you should do with your garden this month!

Leaves. Keep up with leaves falling onto the lawn and hard surfaces. Use…

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November Gardening Tasks

  • Place birdhouses in the landscape for titmice, Carolina wren, chickadee, house finch and golden-fronted woodpeckers in addition to purple martins. Each species favors different box dimensions, hole size and placement. Do an internet…
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Taking Care of Your Trees: Fall Tree Care

Fall means piles of leaves that need to be moved and trees that will need proper care in prep for winter’s chill. Tree care is normally fairly easy during the spring, but fall care…

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The Ideal Time for Planting Shrubs

By Dr. Douglas F. Welsh, Landscape Horticulturist

Finally, fall is here. The weather cooling and now is a perfect time to add a new grouping of shrubs to your land-scape. The fall may be the…

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Hay maze at the nursery

Come to the nursery and run through our better-than-ever MONSTER MAZE.
Visit our amazing PUMPKIN PATCH

Then come back on  Saturday and Sunday Oct 29th and 30th for our Halloween SpookTacular Weekend

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Embrace the Fall: Fall Flowers

Fall is quickly approaching, even for those of us in South Texas. While the cooler weather normally means the death of some flowers, many more can stand up to the punch of fall weather….

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Enjoy the Shade: South Texas Shade Plants

Some plants thrive in the direct South Texas sun, while others like to play it cool in the shade beneath other plants or artificial shades. Shade plants are a staple part of any low-water…

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