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Butterfly on flowers

Butterflies and Hummingbirds in your Backyard

The key to attracting butterflies to your landscape is to have both nectar producing and egg-laying plants available. Among the best nectar-producing plants are Gregg’s mistflower,…

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Crowds in the flats

Fiesta Fun at Milberger’s


Citrosa ~ The Mosquito Plant

The mosquito plant, Pelargonium Citrosum , also called the citrosa plant or citronella scented geranium, is highly recommended for keeping mosquitoes away. This plant is marketed as being specifically developed to continually give off…

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Another 1,000 Roses Just Arrived!

Hybrid teas, floribundas, grandifloras, climbers, miniatures and tree roses. Our largest selection ever. Milberger’s regularly carries over fifty varieties of Antique and Modern roses that are recommended…

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Satsuma Oranges Now at the Nursery

Just arrived, a new shipment of 5 gallon Arctic Frost and Orange Frost Satsuma oranges. These are two of the most cold tolerate citrus trees available…

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2019 Fiesta Medal

2019 Fiesta Metals

Milberger’s 2019 Fiesta Metals will go on sale at the nursery on March 20 for $7.00 ea. The entire amount is donated  to the San Antonio Area Salvation Army.  Milberger’s all day Fiesta Celebration…

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Lantana for color into the fall

Texas lantana starts to show it’s color in April and can bloom continuously from May through November. It blooms more profusely as heat intensifies. Northern cardinals and other bird species eat the ripe fruit….

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Caladiums for your Garden

It’s finally April and spring has sprung in this area. But because this has been a mild winter and early spring-like weather began in February, most people have the mistaken idea that everything should…

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Small Tomatoes

Harris Moran-8849 Named 2019 Rodeo Tomato

The high-yielding Harris Moran-8849 tomato has been selected as the official “rodeo tomato” for the 2019 San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo, which runs from Feb. 7-24.The Harris Moran-8849 is a high-yielding plant with…

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