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mulched Vegetable garden illustration

March Transition in Your Garden

March is the month when we usually transition from winter to spring gardening.

PlantShrubFinish any necessary pruning this month. The idea with roses is to…

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Rose bushes at the store

Thousands of fresh roses have just arrived

photo 2 (4)If you are looking for roses this is a great time to visit the nursery. Now is the time to plant and…

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basil plants

Landscaping On A Budget

You don’t have to break the bank to redo your landscape with elegance.

Have you ever thumbed through a magazine, looking at the beautifully landscaped homes, and thought to yourself, I want that? Have you wondered…

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radio show at milbergers

Our Gardening Experts Have the Answers

Tune into the Gardening South Texas radio show on the air at KLUP (am 93
Saturday and Sunday 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
To have your gardening questions answered during show hours ONLY
call in 308-8867 or 1-866-308-8867

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Dianthus barbatus large

Dianthus—Plant Them Now

With spring upon us it is only a matter of weeks until the hotter dryer days slows down our spring blooming plants. If you have empty place space in your garden you may be…

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Big tree being delivered

Got Trees?

orange_tree_in_a_pot_s1Milberger’s handles trees of all sizes. Whether you need fully mature shade threes like this one or a potted fruit tree for your patio…

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Rodeo tomato being measured

Just In . . .2016 Rodeo Tomato Announced

‘Red Deuce’ available at Milberger’s Nusery

‘Red Deuce’ tomato is a determinate plant which provides big yields of large to extra-large 10oz. globe shaped fruit that have great eye-appeal and good eating quality.

You will find…

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snap dragons

Color in Cooler Weather

In February you can continue planting cold weather annuals such as pansies, dianthus, snapdragons and chard. They will continue to bloom for you well into April. Spring is all about color in the garden….

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Ten Houseplants For Clean Air

Houseplants are beautiful to look at and add great decorum to any interior design, but did you know that they have a positive impact on our health too? Not only do they add color and…

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