Two great TEXAS SUPERSTARS™ while supplies last.


New 2018 just released TEXAS SUPER STAR.

BASKET OF FIRE PEPPER is a new pepper variety, which combines ornamental and edible characteristics.

The pepper has a low, spreading branching habit, which makes it ideal for hanging baskets or planting with other ornamental or edible plants.

The hotter it gets the more this plant likes it, but it also tolerates cooler temperatures better than other traditional pepper varieties, and can look good and produce fruit well into December.

The BASKET OF FIRE pepper grows 12”-14” tall with a 20” spread producing star-shaped white flowers and fruit ranging from creamy yellow to red.  A hot little pepper pickles well and looks great in jars with its assortment of colors.

Rare combination of ornamental and edible qualities.
10” hanging baskets and pots        $16.99 [while supplies last]





This hard to find, old fashion, reseeding petunia is more heat, cold and disease resistant than other modern petunias. Performs all summer and blooms until freeze.
4 ½” [quart] pots        $ 2.99 [while supplies last]





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