• Plant fall tomatoes now. Select varieties that are determinate or semi-determinate, so they grow their foliage quickly and then concentrate on maturing their fruit before the cold weather arrives.
  • To extend the bloom period cut off the spent blooms or new seed pods on poinciana, vitex, crape myrtle, and zinnia if it is practical. Removing the seedpods on large crape myrtles would not be practical.
  • The purple martins that nested in the San Antonio area have assembled and begun their trip to South America for the winter. Lower the houses and remove the nests. Place doorstops in the nest box if you want to prevent more English sparrow nesting.
  • If the high temperatures and no rain continue you will have to irrigate the lawn if you want the lawn to stay green. Bermuda and Zoysia grass can be allowed to go dormant without long-term problems. St Augustine needs water every 3 weeks.

Written by Calvin Finch
Dr. Calvin Finch is the retired Urban Water Program Director for the Texas A&M Institute of Renewable Natural Resources.You can ask Calvin question and hear his answers on the air as he co-hosts the Gardening South Texas on the air at KLUP (AM 930) Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 to 2:00pm.