Your October Gardening Checklist

Your garden and plants need constant attention, even in the cooler months. Here’s what you should do with your…

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November Gardening Tasks


  • Place birdhouses in the landscape for titmice, Carolina wren, chickadee, house finch and golden-fronted woodpeckers in addition to…
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Taking Care of Your Trees: Fall Tree Care

Fall means piles of leaves that need to be moved and trees that will need proper care in prep…

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The Ideal Time for Planting Shrubs

waxleaf-ligustrumBy Dr. Douglas F. Welsh, Landscape Horticulturist

Finally, fall is here. The…

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Come to the nursery and run through our better-than-ever MONSTER MAZE.
Visit our amazing PUMPKIN PATCH

Then come back on  Saturday…

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Embrace the Fall: Fall Flowers

Fall is quickly approaching, even for those of us in South Texas. While the cooler weather normally means the…

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Enjoy the Shade: South Texas Shade Plants

Some plants thrive in the direct South Texas sun, while others like to play it cool in the shade…

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Relocating Your Fall Vegetable Garden

Do not locate your vegetable garden within six feet of hedges, shrubs or trees. Not only do these larger,…

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Organizing Your Gardening Tools

The end of summer doesn’t mean that your gardening work is over. With the plants taken care of and…

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Once plants have flowered and produced seed the plants puts all of its energy into maturing the seed and…

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