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Planting for Summer Color
By Dr. Jerry Parsons

Plant:  For color get the begonias and impatiens in quickly if you expect…

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Daylilies are prolific and colorful bloomers. Few pests show any interest in them. They will grow in sun or…

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Plant Now for Summer Color

Plant These Summer Bloomers Now for Color in July and August
Text by Suzy Fischer, Plant Selection by SAWS

July and…

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April is a Blooming Month

By Dr. Jerry Parsons

DoubleKnockOPutRoses_bush-w-playgroundApril is a big month for planting.

PLANT: Warm-season annual color can be planted using trailing lantanas, cosmos, zinnias, firebush, copper plant, moss rose (portulaca), purslane, Dahlberg daisy, purple fountaingrass, and pentas for the sunny locations. For shade areas choose from begonias, impatiens, caladiums, and coleus. In heavily shaded parts of the landscape where grass is difficult to maintain, choose one of the well-adapted groundcover plants such as English or Algerian ivy, Asian jasmine, or mondograss

Put your hibiscus, bougainvillea, mandevilla and allamanda vines in containers for tropical landscape color.

VEGETABLES: April is a month to plant the gardener’s favorite vegetables such as tomatoes, sweet corn and snap beans and pepper. In April you can plant cucumbers, lima or butter beans, cantaloupe, okra, southern peas, pumpkin, squash, peanuts and watermelon.

Plumbago_Gardening_In_TexasMULCH trees, shrubs, vegetable garden and flower beds (after soil has warmed) with 2-4 inches of mulch. Pine needles and oak leaves make a good mulch for acid-loving plants. Spread coffee grounds around azaleas and other acid-loving plants and water as needed.

PRUNE: Prune pillar or climbing roses, wisteria, and Carolina jessamine as soon as they have finished flowering. Vigorous landscape shrubs will need frequent pruning).

FERTILIZE: April is the ideal time to fertilize lawn grasses after  the lawn grass has been mowed twice. Continue fertilizing pansies and other cool-season flowering annuals to prolong their bloom.

ON THE LOOKOUT FOR: Weeds can literally take over a lawn this month if they are not controlled. Frequent close mowings, hand-pulling or the use of a herbicide usually provide adequate control