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Large Shrubs for Area Landscapes

Landscapes are better balanced and make better habitats for the birds if they not only include tall shade trees…

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Beat the Cold Weather, Plant Fall Tomatoes in July!

In the July heat it is hard to think about cold weather  but if you have  planted fall tomatoes…

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July Questions for Calvin

What did we decide, do we need to dig up the gladioli bulbs after the leaves brown, or can…

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It’s been over six months since I started my gardening journey and what a ride it has been. Because…

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Top Tomato Winners Are . . .

It was difficult to choose but Milberger’s 2015 Top Tomato Contest on Saturday, June 13th had a great turn…

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More on Lawn Grass

The issue this spring seems to be the light green color of our lawn grass. In most cases it…

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Questions for Calvin

Our zoysia grass is a bit off color and has clumps of powdery, rust-colored material clinging to the grass…

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Some June Gardening Tips


  • With all the rain, compost piles have high moisture levels. To encourage the pile to decompose quicker, add 1…
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Questions for Calvin

June 11, 2105:

Tell us again about the two-step strategy to control fire ants. They seem to be especially visible…

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Fresh herbs are one of the greatest ways to increase the taste of your food healthfully. I often toss…

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