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Are Poinsettias Poisonous?

Despite its “poisonous” reputation, poinsettias are no more toxic than many common plants in our environment. Can you get…

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Wait to cut down root-hardy perennials such as lantana, esperanza, and poinciana. Often a freeze will defoliate the plant…

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Color Throughout the Winter

Some of the most pleasant outdoor days in Central Texas occur during the winter months making it the best…

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Through Green Shade, you can receive a $50 rebate per tree when you purchase a qualified tree and plant…

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CPS Green Shade Tree Rebate

Through CPS’ Green Shade, you can receive a $50 rebate per tree when you purchase…

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Saturday and Sunday Oct 24th and 25th

Bring your kids for a day of free Halloween Fun events at Milberger’s…

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It’s Coming Soon . . . to Milberger’s Nursery

Why is a plant nursery unloading hundreds of bales of straw?

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Gardening Calendar for September

September is not usually a major leaf drop month but this year will be an exception. Shade trees loaded…

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Mulch and Compost for the Fall and Winter Garden

If you have raised bed gardens that you use to grow fall and winter flowers and/or  vegetables, it is…

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Tomatoes are displayed at the Australian

Leaf Drop and Tomatoes in the Heat

Leaf Drop.  This summer it has been  common for shade trees to drop leaves. Prepare to see even more…

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