Some Fall Gardening Tasks


Plant the cole crops and other greens by transplants now. Broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, Swiss chard, collards, are…

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Gardening is Beneficial to your Health

We all have our hobbies. Ours just happens to be gardening, and it’s a hobby that can improve your…

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Fresh Carrots from the garden

Plant Veggies on your Own!

This fall, reduce your trips to the grocery store by growing your own vegetables in your garden. Not only…

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Daylily Flower

Daylilies-America’s Favorite Perennial

In Texas, a good time for dividing and planting daylilies is in the fall….

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Do Not Forget the Birds

The hot dry summer continues to be tough on gardeners…

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Green grass

Lawn Care Tips for August

August is the hottest time of the year. Our lawns are baking and the water restrictions are frequent, but…

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Summer flowers available at Milbergers

August Tips for Gardeners

It is an especially difficult time with sandburs. If the infested area is not large, pop the plants out…

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Indoor basil plant on a window ledge

Tips for Indoor House Plant Care

Can’t take the heat? Stay inside! In the high temperatures, it’s difficult to stay outside all day and care…

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Tomatoes on a vine

Beat the Cold Weather, Plant Fall Tomatoes Now

In the July heat it is hard to think about cold weather  but if you have  planted fall tomatoes…

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Esperanza with a butterfly

Some July Garden Tasks

  • Remove the seedpods from esperanza and poinciana to encourage more blooms all summer.
  • Control fire ants by applying…
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