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Saturday and Sunday Oct 24th and 25th

Bring your kids for a day of free Halloween Fun events at Milberger’s…

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It’s Coming Soon . . . to Milberger’s Nursery

Why is a plant nursery unloading hundreds of bales of straw?

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Gardening Calendar for September

September is not usually a major leaf drop month but this year will be an exception. Shade trees loaded…

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Mulch and Compost for the Fall and Winter Garden

If you have raised bed gardens that you use to grow fall and winter flowers and/or  vegetables, it is…

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Tomatoes are displayed at the Australian

Leaf Drop and Tomatoes in the Heat

Leaf Drop.  This summer it has been  common for shade trees to drop leaves. Prepare to see even more…

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Questions for Calvin – Broccoli Transplants

I see that broccoli transplants are already in the nursery. It is still very hot. Should they be planted…

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Dealing with Sandburs and Winter Weeds

      • It is an especially difficult time with sandburs. If the infested area is not large, pop the plants out…
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Questions for Calvin – Cottonwood Rot

We have a lacebark elm that has been in the ground 5 years and was beautiful. The leaves suddenly…

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Once Per Week Watering All Year Long

SAWSThe San Antonio Water System has proposed and some policy makers…

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Do deer eat red yucca?  We are trying to develop a low-water-use landscape that the deer will not eat….

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