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San Antonio is not known for drastically cold weather, but it does occasionally freeze during the winter season. A freeze occurs, of course, when the temperature drops below the freezing point of water (32° F or 0° C). Here’s how to care for your plants and garden during the winter season. Different plants react differently …

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person holding 2 radishes just picked

There’s nothing like gardening as a family. It’s a calming, relaxing and educational hobby that can get the whole family together. While gardening can seem like a task primarily for older kids and adults but kids of all ages are happy to get down and dirty in a family garden. Start off by getting kid-friendly …

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green shrub next to a rock and bench

If you’re looking for a impressive way to recreate the look and feel of your yard or garden without the hassle of worrying about the ongoing drought and care of many different kinds of plants, think of rocks. Here in South Texas, rocks are plentiful, as you probably know if you’ve tried to grow anything …

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tomato plant

In the July heat it is hard to think about cold weather but if you have  planted fall tomatoes in past years and failed to harvest ripe fruit before cold weather  destroyed the plants, you will want to  consider “beating the cold” with the recommendations in this article. By planting now, in July, you can …

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Blue Plumbago

Plant These Summer Bloomers Now for Color in July and August Text by Suzy Fischer, Plant Selection by SAWS July and August are the tough months for plants. The good news is that there are many perennials that thrive on the heat without much water. While turfgrass, roses and other plants are wilting, enjoy the …

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