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Texas Xeriscape

The Zen of Xeriscape

A xeriscape is not rocks, decomposed granite, cactus, agaves, or rain barrels, although these could all be components of one. In its simplest form a xeriscape is minimal lawn, native flowering perennials…

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Snipping Roses

Cutback Now to Ensure Fall Blooms

Blooms may last longer in climates that are cooler than ours, but cooler climates do not have the potential for two spectacular bloom periods each year like we do in South Texas….

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sprinkler head

Make Sure Your Sprinklers Sprinkle

Notice a ghostly mist lingering over your landscape? It’s the in-ground sprinklers screaming they are under pressure. You’ve probably seen it before, clouds of a foggy mist spewing out of the in-ground…

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Judy pointing out flowers

July Gardening Tasks

  • Plant fall tomatoes now. Select varieties that are determinate or semi-determinate, so they grow their foliage quickly and then concentrate on maturing their fruit before the cold weather arrives.