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We all learned in school how trees sustain us.  They give us oxygen, keep our air clean, cool our environments and even save us energy!  That’s right, the shade from the trees around your home or business can alter your energy costs as the trees grow and bring about more shade and cooler temperatures.

CPS Energy wants to make it easier for our community to add trees to homes and businesses so that we can all reap the environmental and economic benefits.

CPS Energy started a program this month that will reward property owners for planting trees.  Here’s how it works:

  • Trees must be at least five gallons and meet a particular species list.
  • Trees must be purchased between October 1, 2015 and April 30, 2016.
  • The refund offered is $50 per tree. These rebates are limited and are given on a first come first serve basis.
  • For your rebate, you must submit your application by June 30, 2016, and include your tree sales receipt and a copy of a recent CPS Energy bill.
  • Each address is limited to five rebates.

Milberger’s Landscaping and Nursery is proud to offer assistance those who are interested in the CPS Energy Tree Rebate program.  We employ experts who can help you find the right tree for your space and we are well-versed on the species list and regulations for CPS Energy compliance.  This is a wonderful opportunity to spruce up your own property and be rewarded for it in the process.

Come by Milberger’s and see for yourself our wonderful selection of different types of trees along with a multitude of plants, grasses, flowers, ground covers and other  landscaping ideas.  Take advantage of our expertise in adding beauty to your home while giving our environment a boost and your pocketbook a rest. We look forward to serving you and our community by taking part in this great program.


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