‘Red Deuce’ available at Milberger’s Nusery

‘Red Deuce’ tomato is a determinate plant which provides big yields of large to extra-large 10oz. globe shaped fruit that have great eye-appeal and good eating quality.

You will find ‘Red Deuce’ on sale at Millberger’s Nursery Rodeo celebration (Sat. Feb 20) where all proceeds from sales will be donated to Bexar County Master Gardener Programs.

Characteristics of ‘Red Deuce’

  • Fruit is globe-shaped, uniform ripens to a deep red color
  • Demonstrates fruit quality, uniformity has exceptional firmness
  • High yields of large extra-large fruit that hold up well
  • Performs well in early and mid-season plantings
  • Plant habitat provides excellent foliage protection to the crop

1REMEMBER: Milberger’s Top Tomato Contest is June 11th.
Bring your finest homegrown tomatoes to Milberger’s and you may be selected the win in one of four tomato judging categories.
(All entrants receive a free $10 gift certificate redeemable at Milbergers on the day of the contest only.)

Written by Marc Hess