Milberger's Nursery -
Fall Garden

Gardening Calendar for September

Temperatures at night will become cooler as the month progresses encouraging…

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Riddle me this!

Why is Milberger’s Nursery unloading truckloads of straw bales, and why…

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Butterflies Arriving at Milberger’s

Activity is picking up in our certified butterfly garden. Gulf Fritillary…

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Plants in Greenhouse

Is it too  hot to garden outside?

What about some interior landscaping?
Our greenhouses are full of…

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Texas Superstars for Full Sun

Laura Bush petunia was selected as a Superstar because it is a fast growing, spreading plant with attractive pink…

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This Saturday ~Birds of Prey at the Nursery

Sat., June 29 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am FREE
Your kids will enjoy this dramatic, close-up educational experience with…

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Chainsaw Pruning Tree

Pruning the Storm Damage

Severe storms come and go and trees have adapted to them. Still, trees can sustain major damage. But with…

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Yellow Rose

Growing Roses In Your Containers

Roses in pots extend the scope and possibilities of gardening. Wide walkways can be highlighted with tubs of roses, entryways…

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Tax holiday

Lawn & Garden Tax Holiday

THIS WEEKEND ~ SAT, May 25 thru Mon., May 27 ~ at Milberger’s 

For Memorial Day Weekend we will not…

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