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Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Get 20% off merchandise at Milberger’s
After you are done enjoying your fresh-cut Christmas Tree bring it to Milberger’s for…

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Genuine Oak Whiskey Barrels

NEW! OAK WHISKEY BARREL GARDEN PLANTER. Horizontally cut reinforced whiskey barrels…

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Christmas Trees

Origin of the Christmas Tree

A plant that would stay green during the winter had a special meaning to the people who lived before…

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4 Ways to Keep Poinsettias Alive All Year!

Besides the Christmas tree, the Poinsettia plant is the most popular holiday plant of the season. It perfectly decorates…

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Visit our Christmas Boutique and shop our unique collection of Christmas decorations for tree, hearth and holiday table.


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Find the tree that best suits your holidays at Milberger’s Tree Lot. Here is a review of the the…

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milberger's traditional christmas

Christmas at Milberger’s

The Christmas season got off to a beneficent start at our Annual Holiday Open House. With the help of our…

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Proper Pruning

One of the most common, yet least understood, aspects of home gardening is pruning. Pruning can be a…

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christmas trees at milbergers


Now Arriving at Milberger’s Nursery: the best trees for your holiday celebrations. Choose a tree that is fresh cut…

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Dr. Jerry Parsons

Dr Jerry Parsons wins Lifetime Membership Award

The Texas Nursery & Landscape Association presents Dr. Jerry Parsons with an Honorary Lifetime Membership Award

The Texas Nursery &…

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