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Texas Xeriscape

The Zen of Xeriscape

A xeriscape is not rocks, decomposed granite, cactus, agaves, or rain barrels, although these could all be…

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Snipping Roses

Cutback Now to Ensure Fall Blooms

Blooms may last longer in climates that are cooler than ours, but cooler climates do not have…

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sprinkler head

Make Sure Your Sprinklers Sprinkle

Notice a ghostly mist lingering over your landscape? It’s the in-ground sprinklers screaming they are under pressure….

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Judy pointing out flowers

July Gardening Tasks

  • Plant fall tomatoes now. Select varieties that are determinate or semi-determinate, so they grow their foliage quickly…
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Groundcover Mondo Monkey Grass

For Less Work, Choose Ground Covers

The clear benefit of using ground covers instead of grass is less of everything — less water,…

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Pink Vinca

Vinca for Summer Color

One summer color plant that we are sure is not eaten by the deer is vinca (also…

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Stepping stones with mulch nice backyard

Easy Side-Yard Make Over

When fully grown your Muhly Grass will block the view of your trash can. This side-yard garden…

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Hands holding Mulch

Mulch On a Mission

Available in organic and inorganic forms, mulch comes in many shapes and sizes. Choosing the right one depends…

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Perennial Garden Many Colors

Back to Basics: Planting Perennials

HOW TO PLANT PERENNIALS: Measure the fit. Check the plant tag to see how wide and…

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Yellow Dandelion

Heed Your Weeds

Let’s not be so quick to judge the humble weed. After all, they are green, native and an…

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