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Both loquat and pomegranate are very visible in area landscapes. Loquats are loaded with yellow golf ball-size fruit and…

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Calvin Finch May Q&A

What is the best grass for a tree-rich sandy soil? Will Zoysia work? Is sand acidic or alkaline? Will…

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Garden Tasks
May 7, 2015

  • The soil and air are now warm enough for Bermuda grass and buffalo grass seed…
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May Hortibull

There is still time to plant tomato, eggplant and pepper transplants, but plant okra and Southern peas by seed….

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Perennials that bloom in the summer heat

May is a good time to plant the heat-tolerant, summer-blooming perennials.

 Gold Star esperanza has yellow bell-shaped flowers. They have…

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Potted flowers by red wagons

Early May Garden Checklist

  • In most gardens, it is time to relegate the spinach, lettuce, cole crops, English peas and other cool-weather vegetables…
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Gardening Calendar May

Kimberly Esparza’s face expresses her approval of the taste of tomatoes eaten right off the vine at a community…

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pallets of grass being loaded into a truck

What’s Happening to My Lawn?

I have had several readers contact me to say that their lawn has looked great all winter but now…

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People shopping for flowers at milbergers

Calvin Finch April Q&A

We have planted milkweed for the monarch butterflies. The milkweed is doing well but is loaded with aphids. Should…

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girl with a flower pot

Planting for Summer Color
By Dr. Jerry Parsons

Plant:  For color get the begonias and impatiens in quickly if you expect…

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