Get ready for the spring season! San Antonio is notorious for being a town where the weather is constantly changing. In March, your lawn is going to experience a good deal of wet days as well as dry days, which is why it’s going to need some extra care this month. Here’s your lawn care checklist for March:

General Garden Care:

• We’re just getting over the winter weather and your lawn is sure to be piled high with leaves. Remove your winter debris and garden beds. Check for broken branches, which you should prune immediately. Also check for plants that were damaged by heavy winds.

Tree and Shrub Care:

• Spray fruit trees and shedding trees with dormant oil spray. If you’re not sure what plants to be spraying, spray if aphids, scale, or mites were a problem in the past. Be on top of the forecast as you shouldn’t spray if the temperature drops below 40 within 24 hours.

• Pruning is an essential task this month! Prune fruit trees in early March before buds swell. Be sure to prune out sucker growth, water sprouts, diseased branches, and dead branches. Also, remove crossing or rubbing branches.

• Plant trees and shrubs when soil conditions permit. If March weather is unusually wet, consider planting in the fall when the plants begin their dormancy.
Annual and Perennial Care:

• Remove dead leaves from perennial groups but try not to injure new leaves.
Fruit and Vegetable Care:

• Get a head start on pest control by cleaning the surrounding areas of debris. Apply dormant oil spray and fungicide to kill pests and eggs before they strike.

Indoor Plant Care:

• Continue providing indoor plants moisture and bright light.

• Repot houseplants after they have flowered and if they are now root-bound. Make it a bigger pot this time and change the soil but keep it at the same level it was originally situated.

• Slowly introduce small plants to outdoor conditions.
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Written by milbergers