This fall, reduce your trips to the grocery store by growing your own vegetables in your garden. Not only do your own home-grown vegetables taste better, the pride from growing your own crops is satisfying and help you to become a better gardener. If you start now, you’ll see your vegetables ready to be eaten by October and November. And, Milberger’s Nursery is here to help you out with what to plant and to offer plant care tips.

If you’re wondering when to plant your vegetables, September is the perfect month. Even though we live in a mostly hot city, we want to avoid planting too late in the year when the ground will be cold. Some vegetables take longer than others to grow so you need to plan accordingly if you want your vegetables around the same time.

What vegetable plants are safe to plant in the fall? Almost all of them! The best vegetables to plant are broccoli, cabbage, carrots, lettuce, kale, cucumbers, and squash. Plants you should avoid planting this fall include peas and onions.

Here are some additional tips for your fall vegetables. Since September is still a warm month, it’s worth noting that warm soil will help with crop growth while cooler days of the fall will benefit the quality of your plants. You may experience some dry days, so watering is critical for fall planting.

Take advantage of additional gardening tips for fall vegetable gardening by visiting Milberger’s Nursery for in-person classes for kids and adults. The kid’s course will take place on September 2nd while part two of the adult’s course will occur on the 9th of September.

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