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Plants in Greenhouse

Is it too  hot to garden outside?

What about some interior landscaping?
Our greenhouses are full of lush tropical indoor plants for home and office.


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Texas Superstars for Full Sun

Laura Bush petunia was selected as a Superstar because it is a fast growing, spreading plant with attractive pink or violet blooms. Additionally it is more heat tolerant than most other petunias. If it…

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This Saturday ~Birds of Prey at the Nursery

Sat., June 29 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am FREE
Your kids will enjoy this dramatic, close-up educational experience with Texas predatory birds. Raptor handlers from the Birds of Prey Conservancy will give your kids…

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Chainsaw Pruning Tree

Pruning the Storm Damage

Severe storms come and go and trees have adapted to them. Still, trees can sustain major damage. But with the correct pruning we can help accelerate their regrowth.
Recently storms played havoc with our trees….

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Yellow Rose

Growing Roses In Your Containers

Roses in pots extend the scope and possibilities of gardening. Wide walkways can be highlighted with tubs of roses, entryways can be graced with the beauty and fragrance of roses. Miniature roses can dress up…

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Tax holiday

Lawn & Garden Tax Holiday

THIS WEEKEND ~ SAT, May 25 thru Mon., May 27 ~ at Milberger’s 

For Memorial Day Weekend we will not charge state sales tax on these items:

> Soaker or drip-irrigation hoses
> Mulch
> All plants, trees…

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Annie Blakely

Monarch Butterflies

The Monarch butterflies have a complex lifecycle and individuals are in the San Antonio area seeking out nectar sources for food and milkweed plants on which to lay their eggs.  I have seen them…

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Hacks For Keeping A Sustainable Garden

By Lucy Johnson, Freelance Writer and Sustainable Gardener

In Texas, recent pushes towards sustainability and conservation across the state are opening up new possibilities for eco-friendly gardening. San Antonio benefits from a long growing…

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The rains that came through the area and brought some hail in some places. If the leaves got rustled up just a bit you have nothing to worry about but if the stems were…

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