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Perennial Garden Many Colors

Back to Basics: Planting Perennials

HOW TO PLANT PERENNIALS: Measure the fit. Check the plant tag to see how wide and tall your new plant will be at full size. Get out a measuring tape and…

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Yellow Dandelion

Heed Your Weeds

Let’s not be so quick to judge the humble weed. After all, they are green, native and an important part of a diverse, stable ecosystem. We have been blessed recently with plenty of rain…

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News Buroak

Final weeks for CPS Green Tree Rebates

Plant a Tree. Save Energy. Save Money. You can receive a $50 rebate per tree when you buy a qualified tree and plant it in the right place…

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Shopper near shrubs

COVID 19 Precautions

Milberger’s is open during regular business hours

We want to thank our customers for continuing to shop at Milberger’s during this difficult time. Gardeners are essential to the economy….

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Hands on Grass

April Lawn Care

It is time to fertilize the lawn. With the freezes this winter and the generally cool weather the lawn weeds have prospered but the lawn grass has been slow to begin growth.  It is most…

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Caterpillar in leaf

The Coming of the Caterpillars

These little guys are famished and your trees are a bountiful buffet. But before you banish them, remember this: Song birds are nesting now and caterpillars are the food supply…

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Tropical Hibiscus

Want a tropical look in your summertime landscape? Try these stunning types of hibiscus. Their flowers are single and double, and you can find them now at Milberger’s in shades…

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Tropical Milkweed

Spring Into Action for Summer Survival

How fierce is your flora? Pick party hearty plants and your landscape will sizzle in the summer scorch. Feel the heat! Though spring has just sprung, it’s not too early to think ahead to…

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American Robin In Buford Holly

Bird Action in the Landscape

If you make an effort to attract and observe the birds in your landscape this has been an exciting winter, and the action continues this spring.

The American goldfinches are…

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TX MT Laurel

What is Blooming Now

The Texas mountain laurel is among the most noticeable plant that is blooming now. It is noticeable for the purple blooms that decorate the evergreen foliage, but it is also noticeable for…

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