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Gifts for the gardener

Where you will find a great selection of fresh wreaths, garlands and gifts for gardeners. We have a great selection of gifts for both the avid and novice gardener on you list….

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Be A Dear and Don’t Munch Here

So-called deer-resistant plants often aren’t. But here’s how to keep your landscape from becoming the new trendy eatery for dinner-seeking does, bucks and fawns.

To a famished whitetail, a…

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Christmas Trees have arrived at the nursery

We have unloaded the first shipments of fresh-cut Christmas trees. Shop for your soon because this year there will be a shortage of trees.
Visit our website for a comparison of the types of Christmas…

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Shade Tree

Selecting and Planting Shade Trees

When you live in a climate like we do shade trees are an important part of the landscape.  Temperatures of 100 degrees plus are difficult to tolerate in the shade and even…

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It’s a Halloween tradition at Milberger’s Nursery. While our guests and customers get to run through our famous Hay Maze, pose in our awesome Pumpkin Patch, ride our Terror Train and munch…

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Hello Fall, Goodbye High Water Bill

Now is the perfect time to make a change and replace your water-guzzling grass with a more resilient WaterSaver yard! You made it through another hot, dry summer and your excitement for…

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woman fertilizing yard

Fertilizer: Plant Life Fact or Fiction

Our landscape plants need nitrogen, but they don’t need as much as you think, especially if you practice proper gardening techniques.

Research establishes that all…

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Cedar Waxwing

Welcome Weary Winged Travelers

Our flying friends are coming from near and far. Offer them respite with fresh water, a bountiful buffet and a safe place to stay. October is migration month for bees, butterflies and…

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Streamline Your Sprinkler System

That spot where you can’t get lawn grass to grow? It may be time to put in a pathway or flowerbed instead. A healthy landscape evolves over time and your watering habits…

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Schultz House Walkway

Landscaping, Plants, Irrigation

Planting Guide for New San Antonians

Whether you’re new to San Antonio or just to South Texas gardening — this list will guide you on what to plant and…

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