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Lemon on the tree

Growing a Home Fruit Orchard: Free Online Seminar

Tuesday,  January  19, 2021 from 12noon ‘til 1pm
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Fruit trees are a gorgeous, healthy, and practical addition to any home garden or landscape. They are easy…

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Recycle your christmas tree

Recycle Your Christmas Tree

After the holidays, don’t throw your Real Christmas Tree in the trash or set it on the curbReal Christmas Trees are biodegradable, which means they can be easily reused or recycled for mulch…

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Black Chinned Hummingbird

Feel Those Fall Garden Vibes

Spice up your autumn garden with warm hues, berry-bursting blooms and fragrant foliage. It’s the coziest backdrop for enjoying your preferred pumpkin-spiced beverage outdoors.

Fall in South Texas always…

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It Pays To Replace Your Lawn with Native Plants

In Bexar County, water is the hot commodity. With our growing population, how we use this invaluable resource matters. Replacing some or all of your lawn with beautiful…

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Landscape To-Do List for October

Stay wicked busy this month in your fall garden. From harvesting to planting to tidying up, there’s plenty to do to get it in gear for spring. October can be quite magical….

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Sun vs. Shade: The Right Plant for the Right Spot

At the nursery, plants always look pretty in the pot. But will they grow and thrive once you get them home? Most likely, yes — as long as…

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It’s Almost Here

Milberegr’s Famous Pumpkin Patch and Monster Maze. The pumpkins are in and the corn stocks are being bundled. Pretty  soon the ghost and goblins will arrive and you can get your Halloween…

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A Watering Plan as Unique as You Are

Every landscape has its own quirks and charms. So ditch the one-size-fits-all advice and find out how much water your unique yard really needs. Living in Texas, we’re all accustomed to extended…

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Ways To Water Well

While there are several watering methods you can use, some are more effective than others. Here’s a closer look at the top techniques, and the pros and cons of each.