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Flowers arriving at Milbergers

Shipments of new roses in stock arrives at Milberger’s Nursery this week: healthy, well rooted and just in time for Mother’s Day.  Now 30% Off. New shipments just arrived includes modern floribundas, grandifloras, climbers,…

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Calvin Finch May Q&A

What is the best grass for a tree-rich sandy soil? Will Zoysia work? Is sand acidic or alkaline? Will it help to incorporate leaves into the sand? Zoysia has some shade tolerance, but it…

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Garden Tasks
May 7, 2015

  • The soil and air are now warm enough for Bermuda grass and buffalo grass seed to germinate.
  • With all the rain, compost piles have high moisture levels. To encourage the…
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May Hortibull

There is still time to plant tomato, eggplant and pepper transplants, but plant okra and Southern peas by seed. Southern peas are a good cover crop. They grow quickly and cover a large piece…

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People shopping for flowers at milbergers

Calvin Finch April Q&A

We have planted milkweed for the monarch butterflies. The milkweed is doing well but is loaded with aphids. Should we try to control them or can we just leave them be? Just leave them be….

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girl with a flower pot

Planting for Summer Color
By Dr. Jerry Parsons

Plant:  For color get the begonias and impatiens in quickly if you expect them to fare well when the heat arrives. Wait to mid-month to plant periwinkles. ·Don’t…

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Daylilies are prolific and colorful bloomers. Few pests show any interest in them. They will grow in sun or shade, dry or wet soil, can tolerate both flooding and drought, and produce beautiful flowers…

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Plant Now for Summer Color

Plant These Summer Bloomers Now for Color in July and August
Text by Suzy Fischer, Plant Selection by SAWS

July and August are the tough months for plants. The good news is that there are many…

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