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CPS Green Shade Tree Rebate

Through CPS’ Green Shade, you can receive a $50 rebate per tree when you purchase a qualified tree and plant it in the right place to save on your energy…

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child posing for a photo in the pumpkin patch

Saturday and Sunday Oct 24th and 25th

Bring your kids for a day of free Halloween Fun events at Milberger’s Nursery. Let them run through our MONSTER MAZE and ride through the nursery on our…

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straw being moved at milbergers

It’s Coming Soon . . . to Milberger’s Nursery

Why is a plant nursery unloading hundreds of bales of straw?

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Questions for Calvin – Broccoli Transplants

I see that broccoli transplants are already in the nursery. It is still very hot. Should they be planted now, or is it best to wait? As long as they can receive adequate water…

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Dealing with Sandburs and Winter Weeds

It is an especially difficult time with sandburs and winter weeds. Here are some helpful tips to help keep them under control.

      • If the infested area is not large, pop the plants out of…
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Calvin Finch September Q&A

We have a lacebark elm that has been in the ground 5 years and was beautiful. The leaves suddenly turned brown and are hanging on the tree. We have been watering it heavily but…

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Do deer eat red yucca?  We are trying to develop a low-water-use landscape that the deer will not eat. Deer eat the flowers of red yucca, but not the foliage.  Do you have esperanza,…

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Nominations now open

Nominations for the 2016 Terry Hershey Texas Women in Conservation Award are open now through August 14. Now is the time to recognize and honor the women you know who have made an impact on…

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July Questions for Calvin

What did we decide, do we need to dig up the gladioli bulbs after the leaves brown, or can we leave them in place to grow and bloom next year? I am leaving mine…

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It’s been over six months since I started my gardening journey and what a ride it has been. Because I live in a small apartment, my gardening endeavor started off really small with just…

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