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In Praise of Pollinators

Pollinators are an important part of the health and life of any landscape, garden or green space.  Pollinators Week is upon us and it’s important to thank the pollinators that keep our gardens lush…

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Summer means long days out in the yard, summer vacation and beach trips. Summer in South Texas can also be tough for home gardeners due to high heat, low rainfall and an influx of…

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Gardening Tasks for June


Consider daylilies for your landscape. Look for the large bloomed selections that are blooming right now in yellow, gold, orange and rust. They are showy, drought tolerant, and not fussy about soil. The foliage…

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petunia bush

Texas Superstars for Full Sun


TexasSuperestar_logoHere are some traditional Texas Superstars that are worthy of consideration for the sunny part of your summer landscape.

Laura Bush petunia (pictured above) was selected as a…

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Citrus are one of those plants that I think are a must in the garden. They have beautiful dark green foliage all year, sensuously perfumed flowers at various times of the year and then…

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Tropical Hibiscus

Often called the Queen of the Tropics, Tropical Hibiscus will provide you with an excellent source of summer landscape color and is one of South Texas’ most popular tropical or sub-tropical flowering plants. With…

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How Are Your Tomatoes Doing?

Milberger’s Top Tomato Contest is Saturday, June 11, 2016

Bring your best tomatoes and garden fresh salad bowl to Milbergers and you could win. All entrants get a Milberger’s Gift Certificate.

Top Tomato

1. Cherry and Smaller…

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TulipLogo-jpgAll gardening! All day! All your Favorites!

The 19th Annual Festival of Flowers  is back with all your favorites:

  • Indoor Garden Vendor Mall
  • Seminars
  • Organic…
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basket in the field of flowers

It’s Spring in Texas and the wildflowers are in bloom. Texas has absolutely stunning blooms that grace our highways and open fields from the Indian Blankets and Paintbrushes to our sublime bluebonnets. Not all…

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person holding 2 radishes just picked

There’s nothing like gardening as a family. It’s a calming, relaxing and educational hobby that can get the whole family together. While gardening can seem like a task primarily for older kids and adults…

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