Milberger's Nursery -

The 2018 Rodeo Tomato is . . .

Milberger’s Nursery is now fully stocked with Sunbrite, the variety that has been selected at the 2018 Rodeo Tomato. Sunbrite is a semi-determinate plant which produces…

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Grass Pallets

Landscape Planning

This time of the year it is common for us to think about improving our landscapes. It is also a time of the year when new home purchases are common. New home buyers may…

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Flag Day

The most beautiful and productive gardens beds are the result of planning the size, shape and location. In South Texas it is important to select plants and blooms that are well adapted to our…

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Pruning Roses

February is Rose Pruning month

Why Do We Prune? Pruning is one of the most important practices in growing beautiful roses. Pruning is the way that the rose bush gets a “face lift” – a renewal. With rare exception,…

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Pink Flowers

It’s cold outside . . .

It’s cold outside. . . but our new greenhouse facility is warm and full of exotic plants for home and office.  You can grow tropical plants even if you don’t live in the tropics….

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No Better Time to Plant Fruit Trees

Milberger’s Nursery has just unloaded several truckloads of hundreds of fruit trees, citrus trees, avocados trees, pomegranates, olive trees, blueberries, raspberries, Japanese persimmons, blackberries and more….

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Throwing Christmas Tree

Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Get 20% off merchandise at Milberger’s
After you are done enjoying your fresh-cut Christmas Tree bring it to Milberger’s for recycling. We will accept your discarded Christmas Tree for disposal from January 2 through January…

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Half Barrel

Genuine Oak Whiskey Barrels

NEW! OAK WHISKEY BARREL GARDEN PLANTER. Horizontally cut reinforced whiskey barrels comes with their own unique cradle. These are great for small herb and flower garden. …

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Religion gifts

Visit our Christmas Boutique and shop our unique collection of Christmas decorations for tree, hearth and holiday table.


Select from a happy selection of metal yard art to brighten your winter holiday landscape.ALL…

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