August is the hottest time of the year. Our lawns are baking and the water restrictions are frequent, but there’s still plenty for us to do out on our lawns. We recommend you do your lawn care in the early mornings or late evenings when the temperatures aren’t so high. Follow these tips to do around your garden and lawn in August.

  • Water your lawn in the morning. Target plants directly but avoid soaking containers when it’s hot. This could burn your plants.
  • Weed out your garden to reduce the amount of nutrients and water it gains.
  • Avoid applying chemical applications when the temperature high.
  • Pick up any fallen fruit from your fruit trees to reduce the amount of insect infestations.
  • Remove diseased plants as well.
  • Compost and mulch your gardens to help keep it cool. This also helps prepare your garden for the fall.
  • It’s time to start planting your fall vegetables and herb seeds! Get started now.

Do not overwork yourself in the heat of August. Take breaks and stay hydrated. Don’t forget to visit Milberger’s Nursery for all of your plant care necessities.

Written by Editor