Fall decorations at Milbergers
October 5, 2017 Gardening Tips No Comments

As you’re caring for your fall garden this October, you should add decorations for the upcoming holidays, specifically Halloween. Decorations are most impressive when your neighbors can see them, so start with your garden.

Be creative and don’t go to scary or you’ll just scare away trick-or-treaters from receiving candy this year. Here are a few other Halloween décor tips to add to your garden this year!

  • Pick a theme: Go with a pumpkin, ghost, or witch theme and decorate according to your chosen theme. Don’t limit yourself to those three ideas. Use your imagination and think of one of your own.
  • Or if you’d like to go less scary, go with a harvest theme and fill your lawn with bales of hay, jack-o-lanterns, and scarecrows.
  • Add light to your front yard in the form of orange lights that hang on your porch or luminaries to place along your sidewalk or border your yard.
  • Hang plastic pumpkins or plastic ghosts with stuffed newspaper off your trees.
  • Finally, make it scary by spreading fake spider webs along your yard.

Just because you have a fall garden that needs attention doesn’t mean you can’t compliment it with holiday décor. Visit Milberger’s Nursery today for your Halloween and fall décor.

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