A gardener’s duties are never complete! We just can’t leave our gardens to fend for themselves against frost or wind this winter. They need the proper care and protection just like in every other season. Here are some must-do tasks to keep your garden thriving this winter.

  • Weeds: Clean them out, including all dead leaves and plants. Also get rid of diseased plants. If it was infested with bugs, didn’t grow well, or had an unusual color, it was most likely diseased.
  • Garden beds: This is an excellent time to add at least two inches of fresh mulch to all your landscape beds. Mulch acts like a blanket to insulate roots from damaging cold and helps to control winter weeds.
  • Water: Before you turn off your sprinklers for the winter, give your garden and lawn one last good watering. Remember, in South Texas the ground will not freeze and roots will continue to grow. In the event of prolong winter drought you should water at least once a month.
  • Trees and Shrubs: If you missed or did not finish your fall plantings, winter is still an excellent time to plant. This is particularly true for deciduous shade and fruit trees. These trees have a chance to establish a good root system to allow them to get a great jump-start once the warm weather returns.
  • Winter color: Unlike other parts of this great country, we have a huge selection of winter color to use to beautify your landscape all winter long. Pansies, Snapdragons, ornamental kale and cabbage, cyclamen, violas, Calendulas, Dianthus and more are all available to brighten your winter landscape.


Your garden does not have to die this winter. Keep them looking alive and healthy with some extra care. Read up on Milberger’s Nursery blogs for the more of the latest gardening tips!

Written by Editor