Your garden isn’t just meant for fruits, vegetables, and pretty flowers. Add herbs to the mix. They add color and personality to any garden, and can make your garden look busy and lively. Take these tips with you for planting herbs.

  1. Some herbs can overtake your garden, but it’s nothing some crowd control can’t fix. Some herbs that spread vigorously include tansy, catnip, horseradish, and mint unless you learn to control them. Plant each one in 12 inch nursery pot and place the pot in the ground.
  2. You can also try planting herbs in half-barrels or containers. Feel free to plant a different herb in each barrel to add an attractive design to your garden.
  3. Recycle an old basket and fill it with soil and use it to nurse herb seedlings until they are large enough to transplant into the garden. Herbs should be at least 6 inches tall in order to transplant them.
  4. Finally, be creative with the endless potential your garden can achieve with its beauty. For example, plant chives and sage by spring-blooming bulbs or plant basil and dill together.

Spring is the perfect time to plant herbs because the soil has warmed up. Enjoy herbs well into the fall by making Milberger’s Landscaping and Nursery your garden store.

Written by milbergers