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April 14, 2017 Gardening Tips No Comments

So you want to be a gardener? Well, grab your gloves. Not everyone is a natural gardener, but you have to start somewhere. Do you know how to get started? It’s a little more difficult than going to the gardening store and picking out seeds. That’s why Milberger’s is here to help you with some beginner’s gardening tips.

  1. Select where in your yard your garden will be. Consider the sun and pets when choosing the best location. You don’t want your garden covered by shade and you don’t want your garden destroyed by the dogs.
  2. You may have trouble growing plants if you don’t have the right conditions. It is essentially up to you to buy the right type of soil you need depending on what you’re planting. Our soils are heavy with cliché and limestone and lack necessary organic material. In our area, the more the better. Do not skimp on soil preparation.
  3. Till your soil. The purpose of this is to mix organic matter into your soil, control weeds, and basically break up the area for planting. Go six inches deep, preferably. Rototillers are a great tool to use, as well as a shovel.
  4. What are you planting? Decide on your choice of plants. This is the most fun part of gardening for everybody. Think about placement. Some plants take up more room than others.
  5. Many gardeners start their plants indoors, then take them out to be planted outside. If not, buy seeds or seedlings, or both.
  6. In good timing, get your seeds in the ground. Add sun, a little water, fertilizer, and a lot of patience!
  7. Consider companion planting. Many plants have companions that are beneficial to their growth. You can research this on your own or go to, or ask a Milberger’s employee.

Watch your garden grow! Let us know if you have any questions about gardening for beginners. We’ll be glad to help.

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