The rains that came through the area and brought some hail in some places. If the leaves got rustled up just a bit you have nothing to worry about but if the stems were bruised your plant may live and you may get some good tomatoes but the size of the fruit won’t be as big as it could have been. Remove damaged stems and leaves even if they were flowering. Re-state and let the soil dry out before you water again.


You can still apply fertilizer to your championship tomatoes. You can apply a slow release fertilizer every three weeks before Milberger’s Top Tomato Contest. Watch out for pests. Stink bugs and leaf cutters will take a bite out of your entry into Milberger’s Top Tomato contest.

Sat., June 8  _ Judging Starts at Noon
Milberger’s Top Tomato is one of the most anticipated events of the year! Home growers from South Texas will be competing in five categories where the fruits of their garden could when the prestigious prize of Top Tomato! This event is free and open to the public and invites everyone to come and learn from local knowledgeable gardeners. Each entrant gets a Milberger’s gift certificate.
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