Transform more of your landscape and get up to four $100 coupons from SAWS to help you pay for every 200 square feet of grass you remove!

The wait is over — it’s time to put your fall landscaping plans in motion. The 2018 autumn edition of WaterSaver Coupons have returned and are waiting for you. Imagine transforming your landscape and getting a coupon from SAWS to help you pay for every 200 square feet of grass you remove! All while saving water and money.

SAWS residential customers can apply for up to four WaterSaver coupons to replace part of your thirsty lawn with lush, drought-tolerant garden beds and/or permeable patios. Combine the Landscape and Patioscape coupons any way you like.

Apply by Oct. 15 and redeem your coupons by Nov. 11.

Here’s How it Works

For each coupon, yous must remove at least 200 square feet of lawn grass, the single most water-demanding element in a residential landscape.

WaterSaver Landscape Coupon — $100

Pick 15 drought-tolerant plants from more than 100 gorgeous plants in any combination to create a 200 square feet garden bed you’ll admire for years.

WaterSaver Patioscape Coupon — $100 ($200 if you have an irrigation system)

Purchase enough flagstone, pavers or stepping stones (your choice) to create a contiguous 200 square foot patioscape, perfect for an outdoor living space.

Each coupon is intended to cover only a portion of the cost. You may apply for four coupons in each season (spring and fall) in any combination of Landscape and Patioscape coupons, but there is a lifetime limit of eight coupons per service account. That’s up to 1,600 square feet of outdoor space that can be transformed from bland to beautiful.

Eligible customers will receive an email with their eCoupon(s) within one week. It will be sent to the email address provided in the application. Customers who apply for multiple coupons will receive them in separate emails. Redeem your eCoupons from your mobile device at participating stores. A cashier will enter the store code on your mobile device to validate the coupon. A printed version or screenshot of the coupon will not work.

Planning and design are key to making smart water-saving landscape changes. Be sure to identify and measure the areas to change and visualize the beautiful lush flower beds and inviting outdoor living spaces you can create with the WaterSaver coupons.


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