• It is time to plant potatoes in the garden. Onion transplants and radish, carrot, lettuce, beets, English peas can also be planted by seed.
  • Aerate and top dress the lawn with compost. Rent an aerator and have the compost delivered or hire a lawn care firm to do the work. It is too early to fertilize the grass.
  • Prune your fruit trees to maximize production of large fruit that benefits by access to sunlight and air movement. Each fruit species has a different recommended way for pruning.
  • For fruit trees that have not begun to bloom consider applying a dormant oil spray to control scale and other insects hiding in the bark. Schedule the spray for a period of 48 hours when the temperatures will stay above 45 degrees.
Written by Calvin Finch
Dr. Calvin Finch is the retired Urban Water Program Director for the Texas A&M Institute of Renewable Natural Resources.You can ask Calvin question and hear his answers on the air as he co-hosts the Gardening South Texas on the air at KLUP (AM 930) Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 to 2:00pm.