Dianthus barbatus large
February 19, 2016 Featured, Gardening Tips, News No Comments

With spring upon us it is only a matter of weeks until the hotter dryer days slows down our spring blooming plants. If you have empty place space in your garden you may be considering whether it pays to buy transplants now with only a three or four month bloom period remaining. Dianthus have the most heat tolerance so they would be your best investments.

DIANTHUS or its common name, Pinks, is a perennial that is perfect for our climate. Dianthus likes a good compost and rich soil. Dianthus does need watering in the hot months of July, August and September, about one inch per week, but it remains a drought tolerant plant. Dianthus likes to be fertilized, and does best with a bit of afternoon shade.

Written by Marc Hess