CPS customers can receive a $50 rebate per tree when you purchase a qualified tree and plant it in the right place to save on your energy bill.

Qualifying trees are limited to a select number of drought resistant, canopy tree species in order to provide optimum shade for your home. When selecting trees, consider diversity to minimize possible pest and disease problems.

CPS Green Tree Rebate Program is effective for trees purchased from October 1, 2017 through April 30, 2018. As in the past the rebate, deducted from the purchaser’s CPS bill, is $50 per tree for up to 5 trees from their approved list planted according to their instructions.

Milberger’s has the largest selection of fresh, well-rooted trees in the area. Our South Texas landscape and tree experts can give you advice on which A&M recommended trees would be most suitable for your landscape.

For application forms, instructions and guidelines CLICK HERE

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