Milberger’s is open during regular business hours

We want to thank our customers for continuing to shop at Milberger’s during this difficult time. Gardeners are essential to the economy. We appreciate everyone coming in and following social distancing guidelines and using the hand sanitation stations that we have mounted around the nursery. We also have a police officer here everyday during peak hours to help ensure the compliance and safety of Milberger’s customers and employees so we can all go home safely to our families at the end of the day.

Lawns and landscapes around town are in remarkably better trim this spring. People respecting calls to shelter-in-place have found more time to tend to their gardens and in doing so they have found a positive way to get through this strange spring. Gardening is a stress reliever as well as a healthy physical activity; the peace and quiet you find when pulling weeds, the physical workout you get when pushing a lawnmower, and the sense of accomplishment when the results show.

Your garden is a great place to go when you want some time to yourself. Also, your landscape invites full blown family projects with everyone working together. The most concerning headline news is balanced with the joys of new transplants smiling back at you once established or the smell of a fresh-cut lawn. The gardening you do now will not only add beauty to your property but bring a pleasant calmness to your home. That is why Milberger’s stays open for you.

Written by milbergers