Now Arriving at Milberger’s Nursery: the best trees for your holiday celebrations. Choose a tree that is fresh cut and from the best growers available.

NOBLE FIRS are the most elegant Christmas tree available. Its stiff branches make it a good tree for heavy ornaments as well as excellent greenery.

NORDMAN FIRS are Europe’s tree of choice because of their deep rich color, dense foliage, rounded needles and light fragrance.

FRASER FIRS, known for their turned-up branches and full look, have been voted the #1 most popular Christmas tree in America.

All of the trees on Milberger’s Christmas Tree Lot have been selected for their excellent needle retention and shape. Every tree is fresh cut and displayed in water to maintain superior freshness. Trees range from 5’ to 12’ tall.

Visit our Christmas page to learn more about what we have for sale this holiday season.


Written by Editor