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August 14, 2017 Educational No Comments

Our kids are heading back to school this month, which means they’ll be busy during the day but will need to fill their evenings and weekends with some activities when they’re not tied down with homework. We recommend getting them involved in gardening. Growing and caring for plants in the form of horticulture can provide many benefits for you and the whole family. Here are five reasons why:

  1. Kids Will Eat Healthier: Gardening promotes healthy eating. Eating vegetables is an important part of a child’s development. When you teach kids how to grow their own vegetables, they’ll get a sense of pride in eating what they created.
  2. Kids Will Bond With You More: When you force your children to do chores, they usually do it on their own and they dread it. When you garden with your kid, it helps create a stronger bond in your relationship because you’re spending time together and having fun. You can go beyond that and cook the vegetables you grow with your children.
  3. Kids Will Learn Responsibility: Through gardening, your child will become well-versed in an activity that they can do on their own. They’ll learn how to care for something on a daily basis and learn how to follow a checklist, which will benefit them when deadlines become important in school.
  4. Kids Will Learn That Science Is Cool: Gardening is a science and children will learn lessons from biology, chemistry, and botany all on their own.
  5. Kids Will Learn Patience: It takes time to grow a plant. Gardening is a slow process with a lot of waiting, but the outcome is worth it. You’ve heard the phrase “patience is a virtue” and we agree. We’ve been able to experience the gratifying moment when the first flower blooms or when the vegetable sprouts.

Start your kids off with a trip to Milberger’s Nursery for our end-of-the-month kid’s classes. The next class teaches students all about Fall Vegetable Gardening and takes place on August 26th. Additionally, Milberger’s Nursery sponsors the Bexar County Youth Garden Program. Find additional information HERE.

Visit Milberger’s Nursery today to get started!

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