Milberger’s Nursery is now fully stocked with Sunbrite, the variety that has been selected at the 2018 Rodeo Tomato. Sunbrite is a semi-determinate plant which produces high yields of extra-large, firm, oblate fruit that are uniform ripening and have an excellent smoothness.

  • The fruit is oblate-shaped, uniform ripening, and ripens to a deep red color.
  • Demonstrates fruit quality, uniformity has an exceptional firmness.
  • High yields of large to extra-large fruit that hold up well.
  • Performs well in early and mid-season plantings.
  • Plant habitat provides excellent foliage protection to the crop.
  • Sunbrite tomatoes are resistant to Al (Alternaria Stem Canker), Verticilium Wilt (1), Fusarium Wilt (races 1 and 2), and Stemphylium (St.) (Gray Leaf Spot).


Written by Editor