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Planting for Summer Color By Dr. Jerry Parsons Plant:  For color get the begonias and impatiens in quickly if you expect them to fare well when the heat arrives. Wait to mid-month to plant periwinkles. ·Don’t plant vinca until at least June 1. Hot weather plants include firebush, lantana, poinciana, esperanza, firespike, caladium, coleus, begonia, …

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Daylilies are prolific and colorful bloomers. Few pests show any interest in them. They will grow in sun or shade, dry or wet soil, can tolerate both flooding and drought, and produce beautiful flowers throughout Texas. You can find tiny flowers and large flowers, compact plants and tall plants. You can even create your own …

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Blue Plumbago

Plant These Summer Bloomers Now for Color in July and August Text by Suzy Fischer, Plant Selection by SAWS July and August are the tough months for plants. The good news is that there are many perennials that thrive on the heat without much water. While turfgrass, roses and other plants are wilting, enjoy the …

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