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Groundcover Mondo Monkey Grass

The clear benefit of using ground covers instead of grass is less of everything — less water, less fertilizer, less pesticides and less mowing. Tired of mowing, weeding, feeding and watering the lawn over, and over, and over again? It may be time to forget turf and move on to something that’s drought hardy, water …

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Pink Vinca

One summer color plant that we are sure is not eaten by the deer is vinca (also called periwinkle). This annual flower is available at area nurseries in white, red, pink, and lavender. Vinca was once the best-selling annual flower but its popularity declined because its severe susceptibility to the disease, aerial phytophera.  It got …

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Stepping stones with mulch nice backyard

When fully grown your Muhly Grass will block the view of your trash can. This side-yard garden project proves that designs don’t need to be complicated to be functional and beautiful. This one is a simple and fast weekend makeover. Calling all weekend warriors! Take that side-yard space from forgotten to functional with this simple-yet-elegant …

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Hands holding Mulch

Available in organic and inorganic forms, mulch comes in many shapes and sizes. Choosing the right one depends on where you plan to use it. In the world of gardening, there are many different types of mulch for your landscape. Deciding which to choose depends on where you plan to use it. But first it …

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Perennial Garden Many Colors

HOW TO PLANT PERENNIALS: Measure the fit. Check the plant tag to see how wide and tall your new plant will be at full size. Get out a measuring tape and make sure it fits in the area you plan to plant it. Imagine it growing in a circle and mark the center where you’ll …

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Yellow Dandelion

Let’s not be so quick to judge the humble weed. After all, they are green, native and an important part of a diverse, stable ecosystem. We have been blessed recently with plenty of rain to make everything grow lush and green. Of course, with all this extra time staying home and working from home, we …

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Plant a Tree. Save Energy. Save Money. You can receive a $50 rebate per tree when you buy a qualified tree and plant it in the right place to save on your energy bill. The last day to take advantage of this offer is April 39, 2020. CPS Energy customers are eligible for a lifetime …

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Shopper near shrubs

Milberger’s is open during regular business hours We want to thank our customers for continuing to shop at Milberger’s during this difficult time. Gardeners are essential to the economy. We appreciate everyone coming in and following social distancing guidelines and using the hand sanitation stations that we have mounted around the nursery. We also have …

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Hands on Grass

It is time to fertilize the lawn. With the freezes this winter and the generally cool weather the lawn weeds have prospered but the lawn grass has been slow to begin growth.  It is most efficient and environmentally appropriate to delay fertilization until the regular grass has grown enough to be mowed twice.  That growth …

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Caterpillar in leaf

These little guys are famished and your trees are a bountiful buffet. But before you banish them, remember this: Song birds are nesting now and caterpillars are the food supply for their young.

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