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Now is the time to apply. Hy-Yield Ornamental Weed & Grass Stopper with Dimension. Prevents cool season weeds from germinating and ruing your winter lawn and landscape. With the advent of cooler weather and rain, your roses will begin their heavy fall blooming season. Vegetable crops benefit from a side dressing of fertilizer to enhance …

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Fall Garden

Temperatures at night will become cooler as the month progresses encouraging the germination of the winter weeds. To reduce the quantity of weeds such as bedstraw, dandelions, thistle, henbit, beggars’ lice and chickweed in the lawn apply a preemergent such as Amaze, XL, or Dimension early in the month. The fall tomatoes will also respond …

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Why is Milberger’s Nursery unloading truckloads of straw bales, and why is Roger so happy? Hint:

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Activity is picking up in our certified butterfly garden. Gulf Fritillary butterflies are arriving and Monarchs are on their way. Consider a butterfly garden. It’s a rewarding family activity. We can help.

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Plants in Greenhouse

What about some interior landscaping? Our greenhouses are full of lush tropical indoor plants for home and office.  

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Laura Bush petunia was selected as a Superstar because it is a fast growing, spreading plant with attractive pink or violet blooms. Additionally it is more heat tolerant than most other petunias. If it is planted now it will bloom strongly until July, hang on through the summer and then renew itself for a long …

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Sat., June 29 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am FREE Your kids will enjoy this dramatic, close-up educational experience with Texas predatory birds. Raptor handlers from the Birds of Prey Conservancy will give your kids and educational experience they will not forget. Birds of Prey Conservancy’s Last Chance Forever program helps sick, injured and orphaned birds of …

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Chainsaw Pruning Tree

Severe storms come and go and trees have adapted to them. Still, trees can sustain major damage. But with the correct pruning we can help accelerate their regrowth. Recently storms played havoc with our trees. Limbs and trunks were tossed around like toys in a toddler’s playpen. What can we do to help our trees? …

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Yellow Rose

“Roses in pots extend the scope and possibilities of gardening. Wide walkways can be highlighted with tubs of roses, entryways can be graced with the beauty and fragrance of roses. Miniature roses can dress up window boxes in the summer, and then be brought indoors in winter to perk up the house.”   ~ Dr. Jerry Parsons, …

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