South Texas summers mean a lot of sun, no rain and water restrictions. These conditions can be difficult on some delicate plants, but some do thrive in these drought or desert-like conditions. Here are a few plants that can stand up to the Texas summer heat and come out even more beautiful for having survived the long summer.

Most immediately assume that succulents are the best way to go in low-water conditions and succulents are very popular this season. A wide variety of succulents can survive the Texas heat, and notable examples include Golden Barrel cactus, Ocotillo and the century plant or Agave.

Ornamental grasses are not off the table as far as options. Deer grass can thrive in low water situations. Sotol is hearty and requires very little maintenance, and there are several varieties of yucca that more than thrive in Texas’ heat and sun, including the palmito and the Texas yucca. The Hummingbird bush is another fantastic ornamental shrub to plant that will bring flitting hummingbirds and other pollinators to your home’s garden and they can very easily make due in low water conditions.

Flowers often appear delicate and many assume that most flowering plants won’t survive the dry intense heat of a Texas summer. Some flowers however respond much better to low water situations and they can be fantastic additions to any home garden or landscaping design. The Scarlet-Fruit passion flower is a common low water flower that is seen all over South Texas; know for its beautiful purple blooms and hearty nature for a flower these are a fantastic plant to add color to any garden. The Texas winecup is a beloved wildflower and these sturdy little blooms can handle many low water situations despite their vibrant color: their bright color will also attract pollinators to your home garden. ThePink Skullcap looks like a soft bloom but they can stand up very easily to Texas’ drought-like conditions and their blooms are stunning.

Don’t let the summer heat scare off your plans for planting this summer. Remember to keep an eye on your city’s specific watering restrictions and visit Milberger’s when you’re ready to take on the Texas heat and plant some hearty low water plants in your home garden.



Written by Editor