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You don’t have to break the bank to redo your landscape with elegance.

Have you ever thumbed through a magazine, looking at the beautifully landscaped homes, and thought to yourself, I want that? Have you wondered how you could have this kind of landscape while still saving for your children’s education, paying for your family healthcare, and saving for emergencies? At Milberger’s Nursery we work with our clients to meet their goals of beautiful and exciting landscapes while dealing with economic realities.

Landscape renovation costs don’t need to be overwhelming when you develop a good plan for long-term goals. We suggest following some simple guidelines:

  1. Meet with one of our professionals to assess your landscape needs and wishes.
  2. Create a design that fulfills all your property needs: patios, walkways, walls, driveways, planting, water features, lighting, etc.
  3. Prioritize your wants and create a plan for implementation in manageable stages.
  4. Create a yearly plan and budget for each stage.
  5. Begin with installation of your highest priorities and enjoy!

At Milberger’s Nursery we have qualified professionals on-hand to guide you through the planning stages and help make sure that your wants and needs are realistic for your property. Our designers always have your best interest in mind – we will not develop a maintenance intensive design if you are looking for low annual maintenance. We look forward to helping you develop your ideal outdoor space.

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Source: Neave Landscaping

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