Your tomatoes and peppers will thrive in containers when planted correctly. Keep the containers anywhere outdoors that receives sufficient sunlight so you can enjoy fresh garden vegetables even in a small space. Almost any variety of tomato or pepper that recommended for our growing area will grow well in a properly prepared container. Tomatoes are heavy feeders. In addition to the Osmocote, it is wise to provide an application of a soluble container fertilizer dissolved in water every two weeks.

>Fill container with potting soil and a balanced slow-release fertilizer. Use 5-gallon pots for standard tomato varieties.

>Plant one pepper or tomato transplant plant per container. Plant peppers at the same depth they were growing at in their previous pot and plant tomatoes slightly deeper so the lowest leaves are just above the soil. Firm the soil around the base of each plant gently with your hands.

>Water your potted tomatoes and peppers every day or two until the excess moisture begins dripping out of the bottom.

>Move pots to areas that receives at least six hours of sunlight daily. Taller tomato varieties may require a cage to support the plants as they grow.

Written by milbergers